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This website is a library of online tools to help you do intrinsic valuation of stocks.

The website is divided into seven sections:
  • Valuation models - value stocks using these models
  • Cost of capital - estimate capital costs for different companies
  • Return on capital - estimate invested capital and returns on invested capital
  • Reinvestment - estimate normalised reinvestment rates to forecast growth
  • Other tools - helpful models with specific purposes like calculating tax rates
  • Data - my latest valuation data including betas and equity risk premiums
  • Glossary - A glossary of terms and variables found across the site

Note: If you refresh or leave a page, your work will not be saved. If you want to use multiple tools at once, open them in different tabs. You can download your inputs and outputs by hitting the download button at the bottom of each model.
Last updated: July 12th 2023
Latest update: Updated contact page to be a form. Separated update page from homepage. Added email subscription form. Added a mobile landing page. Updated DDM to include capitalised intangibles.
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