Last updated: July 12th 2023
Latest updates:
  • July 12th - Added a mobile landing page. Updated DDM to include capitalised intangibles.
  • July 11th - Updated contact page to be a form. Separated update page from homepage. Added email subscription form.
  • July 10th - Added a 10yr fundamental enterprise valuation model, 5yr and 10yr equity valuatino models, return on equity calculators (TTM and normalised), and equity reinvestment rate tools.
  • July 7th - Added pricing multiples and returns on capital data. Added terms and definitions to glossary.
  • July 5th - Added levered beta data
  • July 4th - Added a tool to calculate the value of employee options at a firm. Also added a glossary page (with nothing in it yet).
  • July 1st - You can now download the inputs and outputs of each model as a spreadsheet.
  • June 29th - You can now do enterprise valuation, calculate ROICs, invested capital, and reinvestment rates.
  • June 28th - I've upgraded the look and layout of IVT and included some ads to cover costs. Will roll out more data, tools, and valuation models over the next few weeks.
  • June 22nd - Better looking inputs and outputs. Added tax rate calculator and intangible asset capitalisation tool.
  • June 20th - Added DDM to help you quickly estimate the intrinsic value of common shares. It's best for big, mature, stable companies.
  • June 7th - Uploaded some of my data, including my industry beta estimates and tax rates.
  • June 4th - Added a credit rating estimator.
  • May 28th - Added WACC and cost of equity estimators.
  • May 27th - Launched site